Music Recommendations / My Favorites

Here are some of my favorite bands/artists! I tried my best to categorize them into genres but I am not even sure what genre most music fits into, so some of these may be categorized wrong. Whoops, but I hope you enjoy!


Panic! At the Disco –

Personal Faves: The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Hallelujah, Nicotine, But It’s Better If You Do, Death of a Bachelor

All Time Low –

Personal Faves: The Reckless and the Brave (both acoustic and not), If These Sheets Were the States, Irony of Chocking on a Lifesaver, For Baltimore (both acoustic and not), Dancing With A Wolf, Missing You, Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass

Bastille –

Personal Faves: What Would You Do, Icarus, Daniel In The Den, Laughter Lines

Bring Me the Horizon –

Personal Faves: Drown, Blasphemy, True Friends, Happy Song, Throne Shadow Moses, Can You Feel My Heart

Fall Out Boy –

Personal Faves: Dance Dance, This  Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race, Twin Skeleton’s, Novocaine, Jet Pack Blues, Irresistible, I Don’t Care

Melanie Martinez –

Personal Faves: Cry Baby, Dollhouse, Carousel, Pity Party, Tag you-re it, Mrs. Potato Head, Mad Hatter

Twenty One Pilots –

Personal Faves: Migraine, Holding On To You, Ode To Sleep, Stressed Out, House Of Gold, Car Radio, The Pantaloon

Sleeping With Sirens –

Personal Faves: If You Can’t Hang, Low, If I’m James Dean You’re Audrey Hepburn, Gold, Better Off Dead, The Strays, Save Me A Spark


5 Seconds of Summer –

Personal Faves: Amnesia, Mrs. All American, Heartbreak Girl, Beside You

Against The Current –

Personal Faves: Brighter, Paralyzed, Fireproof, Dreaming Alone, Infinity, Another You (Another Way)

Christina Perri –

Personal Faves: the words, arms, miles, bluebird

Sleeping At Last–

Personal Fave: Saturn

Sara Bareilles –

Personal Faves: When He Sees Me, Everything Changes, December, Satellite Call, Chasing the Sun, Fairytale, Cassiopeia, Bottle It Up


RWBY Soundtrack (Webshow/Anime-ish)

Undertale Soundtrack (Video Game)

Something Rotten! Soundtrack (Musical)

Wicked Soundtrack (Musical)

Once Upon A Mattress Soundtrack (Musical)

Hamilton Soundtrack (Musical)

In The Heights Soundtrack (Musical)

Tuck Everlasting Soundtrack (Musical)

Dodie Clark (Youtuber)



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